Glenn Engineering began in December of 1979 upgrading
trailers for phone companies, specifically Pacific Bell. They
quickly came into manufacturing because the trailers needed to
be redesigned to make them more adaptable to what their
customers needed.

Glenn Trailers, a division of Glenn Engineering has always strived
to listen to the end user, and incorporate their input into the overall
design, and because this focus in design has been a major player
in the development of the trailers and equipment they have
manufactured it has brought great success.

Paving the way for the development of Glenn Trailers, which
opened the door with the utility industry, agricultural industry, etc.
This has put them high in demand as a leading trailer, and
equipment manufacturer.

With over thirty-five years in business they have designed and
manufactured trailers and equipment that are in in use, getting the
job done for utility companies, and in the agricultural industry
through-out the world.

Today Glenn Engineering continues to develop state of the art
trailers, and equipment for the agricultural industry with the same
foundational principles, observing what is being used, listening to
the end user, and building durable, state-of-the-art equipment to
get the job done.

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Tom Glenn Sr. President
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Glenn Trailers, A Division Of Glenn Engineering | 9850 Third St. Delhi, CA | 209-667-4555 | FAX 209-667-8570
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