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GE MUTT (Movable Undercarriage Tilt Trailer )

The GE MUTT Movable Undercarriage Tilt Trailer was designed to load low clearance equipment and a combination of equipment. The GE-MUTT is equipped with a movable undercarriage which allows the operator to change the angle of the approach. This allows low clearance equipment to be loaded in combination without hitting at the front or pinching the towed piece of equipment.

Our standard quality construction

Glenn Engineering is committed to the highest quality standard with our custom trailers and equipment.  Utilizing high-quality steel, reinforcement materials, and electronically controlled hydraulics and hydrostatics, our trailers are guaranteed to perform with excellence and distinction.  Contact Us anytime to find out more about our product line or to discuss your custom needs.

  • Hydraulically tilted by remote control
  • Hitch types include: Goosenecks, Straight Hitch, or Pull Behind
  • The MUTT utilizes a Single Point Suspension


The GE-MUTT is hydraulically tilted by remote control. After the operator loads a piece of equipment, the trailer can be tilted back to the upright position while the operator is on the piece of equipment. The remote is the same size as the key fob used to unlock the door to your pick-up.
The GE-MUTT comes in a variety of lengths as well as capacities.Hitch types include: Goosenecks, Straight Hitch, or Pull Behind.King Pin with or without topdeck Beaking Systems include Electric, Electric over Hydraulic and Air.
The MUTT utilizes a Single Point Suspension which allows both axles to be on the ground when the trailer is tilted and while encountering uneven terrain. Deck available is Doug Fur, Apaton Hard Wood, Rumber Rubber Decking, Aluminum or a combination of the above.